GPS – Interactive city explorer

Tour and explore a city with challenges, tasks and treasure hunts!

GPS – Interactive city explorer

One Map. One Game. One Winner… and only two hours.

Get your team together in a new way with this exciting GPS based tour.

Equipped with only an iPad, teams are directed to search for the answers to the game and unlock city hotspots on their interactive digital GPS map.

A fantastic way to get to know any city (or explore a new area of the one you’re in), test your knowledge and encourage team building skills.

GPS – Interactive city explorer
GPS – Interactive city explorer
GPS – Interactive city explorer

About our GPS – Interactive city explorer

Time to enhance your company’s team building skills? Then look no further.

The GPS: Interactive City Explorer Challenge and Tour is packed with trivia and tasks, providing healthy competition and the chance for your team to explore, work together… and enhance their team building skills.

Team building skills are essential capabilities that help leaders to form collaborative, supportive, and high-functioning teams.

From problem solving, listening, and organising, the purpose of these skills is to support development of your team and the teamwork within it.

At A La Carte Tours & Events we understand that pleasing everyone on a team building day is not the easiest task, and corporate away days may not always ignite excitement from your team. This is why we bring our decades of experience to ensure a stimulating day packed full of challenges for your colleagues that they will truly (yes, truly!) enjoy.

There are numerous types of challenges to answer within the GPS game (brought to your teams via our iPads or your smartphones) and there is something for everyone. Whether it is general knowledge, trivia, tasks, to beating the clock or our more creative challenges… Nobody will complain that they are bored, and this team building day out is sure to keep them on their toes.

Dependent on budget, your activity can either be managed by one of our lively hosts via iPads, or you can self-manage the day yourselves using your own smartphones.

What’s included…

The GPS: Interactive City Explorer Challenge and Tour splits your colleagues into teams, equips them with their own digital map, and combines quizzes, tasks and treasure hunts across your chosen city. It’s really fun and very interactive.

First there is a thorough briefing, before teams are given an iPad, or directed how to run the GPS game on their own phones.

Everyone is given an allocated two hours to work together in their teams and complete tasks and challenges.

There are photo challenges, interactive tasks, and location-specific activities to engage with the local area that you are in.

You have the option to go about the city on foot, in black cabs, classic minis, or red route master buses.

There is a de-brief at the end where we display all of the photos and videos, announce the winners, and ‘roast’ them a little bit before handing out the prizes!

We will also provide a post-event link for you and your team to download all of the photos and videos from the day’s tasks.

A La Carte Tours & Events Flexible options:


  • iPad hire, 1 device per team with the app installed.
  • Use of your own smart phones, access to the app.

Getting about:

  • On foot: locations within the GPS game are chosen for being closer to get to via foot.
  • Black cabs: we can hire black cabs of up to 6 people per team. Teams stick with the same cabbie (driver of the black cab) for the entire day and they will engage with the cabbie for some of the tasks. Jumping in and out of the black cabs, typically in three different areas of the city.
  • Classic minis: we can hire classic minis for smaller groups of up to about 20 people and you can ride around in these for the duration of the challenge!
  • Red route master buses: we can have everybody on a red route master bus, which will take them into one area, drop them off, and your team will complete the activities before getting on another bus.

GPS App Game:

  • Customisation: we can add in customisation of the app so that it looks like your company’s app, such as adding in your corporate colours and branding.
  • Curation of the Challenge: we can add in bespoke questions and tasks that are specifically related to your company’s values, history, and more. We can make it as personal as you wish!
  • Language: the games are set automatically in English, but if you’d prefer another language, just let us know.

Activities we can add in:

  • Celebrity lookalikes
  • Beat the Clock
  • Extra prizes

Overall, this team building activity is incredibly flexible, highly creative, super interactive, and above all, FUN!

GPS – Interactive city explorer

Where : Various locations - any chosen city, from London to Leeds… to Lisbon and more… Whilst we have set game areas in most European cities, you can also play this game anywhere you’d like. It’s a great tool and team building day to acclimatise your colleagues to a new office space, or to get some fresh air on an off-site meeting.
When : Anytime - daytime and evening - availability dependent.
Duration : 3-4 hours
Schedule :
  • Pick up at the hotel/office by your private Blue Badge Tourist Guide
  • Split your colleagues into teams, and given the devices
  • Briefing: directed how to run the GPS game on the iPads (or smartphones)
  • 2 hours to complete tasks across the city
  • De-brief at the end
  • Roast the teams
  • Announce the winners
  • Hand out the prizes and goodbyes

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